Although the event can be entered on any bike I have chosen to compete on a classic bike that was produced by BMW to celebrate several wins in the early days of the rally.

The Bike is a 1987 BMW R80 G/S Paris Dakar

Video of my bike being dyno tested

This bike has been modified with a strengthened frame a blue printed engine which is now 1000cc and up rated suspension.

My first ever competitive event was on this bike in August 2007 when I entered the Dawn to Dusk 12 hour enduro, since then I have entered 3 other UK rallies, this year’s Dawn to Dusk and I will compete in another UK rally ‘The Cambrian’ as part of my skill training.

Fitness is being addressed by doing something every day... Starting from a point which I would describe as ‘not unfit’ I have to build aerobic and physical strength. My routine includes cross country running and kayaking... Each day of the event will require riding the equivalent of London to Scotland off-road with the majority of the time spent standing on the pegs so I’m also fitting in day long off road rides to condition myself