I came into this world on January 22nd 1959 which for those of you interested in motor sport is the day a chap called Mike Hawthorn departed - http://www.mike-hawthorn.org.uk/thebook.php

As a child I lived in a Hertfordshire village called Welham Green, went to school in Brookmans Park and College in Ware.

My career started as a commercial photographer, this lasted 6 years and included a period in the early 80’s living and working in Dubai. It was here that I first experience the charm of the desert spending time working, partying and exploring just what a car can and cannot do in the sand.

Dubai also gave me a taste for the things in life that required earnings beyond that of an artist which meant I moved into sales in 1984 and a career that took me to where I am today.

One trend that has followed me throughout my life is a desire to improve the way you do things.

This desire to improve has been the foundation to a successful career and today I would describe myself as a pioneering go to market leader and change manager with solid sales, alliance & partner, operational and performance management skills within leading edge communications and European markets.

I like most things outdoors and since 1990 have had a fairly consistent relationship with the sport of mountain biking and in the past I’ve competed in cross country and downhill events.

Have I done anything like the Paris Dakar before?  No… However in October 2002 a desire to see the giant drifting sand dunes of the Sahara saw me ride nearly 7000 km in just 7 days.

                                                                                                                    Today I live in St Albans, I have two great children Sophia 18 and Callum 16